Admission Policy for Respite Care / Short breaks at Badaguish

Badaguish provides high quality Activity Holidays for children and adults with learning and complex disabilities. We provide 24-hour care and all activities.


We welcome applications and referrals from Parents, Carers, Social Workers, Voluntary Organisations, Schools and Clubs etc from all over Scotland.


Information and application forms are available on the web site or direct from the Care Manager: Rhona Graham Tel 01479 861382 or

For suitable dates and Group compatibility, please contact the Care Manager.

Please fill in the application form and send it to the Care manager.

These will help us to assess the suitability of the placement and allocate a place in a suitable group to ensure a positive experience for each person.

The information we need is:

  • Personal details, care plan, personal profile;
  • Up to date information on health, medication, mobility, communication, behaviours and
    specific risk factors;
  • Guidance on individual approaches to help the person to deal with new and difficult
    situations in a new environment.

We expect Parents and Carers to give us all relevant information regarding the person’s care needs, challenges and special requirements.

The Care Manager will then be in touch to ask for further information after receiving the application form to discuss a booking and start the process of creating a Personal Plan for the person’s stay at Badaguish.

We welcome informal pre-visits to Badaguish, to give an opportunity for familiarisation for staff, people and parents, Carers and Social workers.

Bookings will be confirmed after receiving all the necessary information. A confirmation letter will be sent together with an invoice for the booking.

On arrival, we expect parents and Carers to allow time for speaking to Centre carers, to ask further questions or receive up to date information regarding medication etc.

We welcome parents to phone during the respite care period either to speak to Carers or the visitors to find out how they are. We will contact parents or carers to discuss any difficulties or problems and to receive further guidance from them.

It is at the discretion of the Care Manager to offer a place at Badaguish and to terminate a placement should there be problems, which can not be overcome with help and guidance from parents, carers and Social workers. A decision will be made in the best interests of all individuals using the service.


Reviewed January 2018